When I speak of Rowan Atkinson to many people, they always seem puzzled, confused, saying “Who is that guy?”, and I find that interesting for this man might well be one of the most well-known British comedians of all time. For his many roles in movies and comedy series, we know this great man best, as Mr. Bean.Rowan Atkinson, 2011.jpg

Born Rowan Sebastian Atkinson in the humble town of Consett, England, on January 6th, 1955, he did not immediately begin a career in comedy and acting. In fact, Rowan Atkinson for quite a while studied electrical engineering in many notable schools at the time and even now. After university, during his mid-twenties, he started his acting career. It is very difficult to enter the comedy industry at such a late age, so it was quite amazing that Rowan During his beginning years as an actor, became a pioneer in many different series of comedy such as “Blackadder”, which became a huge success and went on for another three seasons, including many holiday specials.

The big break for Rowan’s career in comedy and sketches was when the famous series Mr. Bean aired for the first time in 1990, as a short comedy special. At this time, Atkinson was not famous to the general public, though through his role in Mr. Bean, he quickly gained popularity. Soon after in 1995, Rowan also starred in his other most notable comedy series, The Thin Blue Line. Along with his many original sketches, Rowan Atkinson also portrayed many famous roles in spoof or parody episodes of some famous show; as such he played as the Doctor in a Doctor Who comedy spoof. As Rowan’s fame kept growing, he became a very common pick for directors in comedy films.

As the comedy film industry is very competitive and only available to such little actors even get the chance to compete in such a world. The fact that Rowan Atkinson was one of the greatest sketch comedians of all time (mostly because of his creation, Mr. Bean) is amazing enough, though more so he was a true pioneer for the new age of comedy and popularized what we know of now. His greatest gift in the competition is his style of acting, which he has drawn from Charlie Chaplin, one of his beloved role models. At the time when Chaplin was the star of comedy, actions and body movement was much more important than speech, though as time progressed, spoken jokes and phrases stole the show in sketches. Rowan decided to incorporate the art of body movement more in his comedies, especially in Mr. Bean in which he has been immortalized as. His use of hand gestures and exaggerated movement in Mr. Bean won him the show for top spot comedian. Though, his exaggerated and hilarious body use was only part of his arsenal of abilities for making audiences laugh. Rowans great use of annunciation also brought him success, as for him, he did not need a good phrase to loosen up the crowd; he just needed to speak it as he does. In many of Rowan’s spoken works, in usually strongly annunciates the letters b’s and such letter in words, which gives of a more humorous atmosphere. Through that, many people have associated the voice of the many characters he portrayed as Rowan’s actual voice. It amazes me greatly that in such a competitive industry, Rowan Atkinson gained so much respect and recognition, and how he became what he was, by not following convention.

For how Rowan Atkinson and I are alike, there are not many similarities physically, though I feel that our lives are similar in some ways. Physically, and even religiously, we are quite different as our race, beliefs and cultures and very distant. I would like to think that there are more similarities between us, which I would like to find out more about through research. Still, in some context, out social structure and families are similar and could contribute to more connections in both of our lives.

As slightly mentioned in my post before, not many people know the life and events in Rowans life, so I would like to through my research to know more about his minor life events that might have affected him greatly, as well as his motives and inspirations that contributed to his comedy career. More so, it would be interesting and rewarding to me to find out more about Rowan’s reasons and motives to learn engineering during his formal education years, and why he changed so drastically to sketch and comedy.

For now, this is what I know about Rowan Atkinson, and how his life connects to mine, and through this project I would like to learn from his achievements and motives that might help me in gaining success in my life.