I would never have thought that I would enjoy going to a library to look at books, however this year’s Eminent study trip was quite exciting and had much more purpose to me then the prior occasion. I decided to set goals and outcomes I wanted to achieve on this trip, some being personal and some to help me better my learning and study for this project. Because of that, I think I reached another level of understanding for the purposes of these trips. In addition, I actually decided to borrow books from the enormous and eccentric Vancouver library, a stash filled with overwhelming knowledge, that not getting anything would be foolish. Thus I returned home with not one but two books to retrieved from the library, two more than I did last year. There are also goals that I unintentionally set for myself and met during the trip, that just added to the positive outcome of this trip.

That day didn’t start off that well I have to say. I was about to miss an upcoming chemistry test that I will have to eventually take in short time, so I can take a bus downtown and look at shelves with books. Of course myself at 9 AM that day was a mix of stress and discontent. Though mandatory is mandatory and I walked onto the long, stretched hooded bright yellow bus, but faded with age. An hour of so later we (the entire TALONS class of 2015-2016, 9’s and 10’s) arrived in Vancouver and a brisk walk later were at the from of the Vancouver Public Library. A coliseum with broad glass windows was my impression, for the building was a low cylinder in structure. The first thing that was commenced when we reached the library was the tradition of the solo spot, not one I fancied much but oddly enjoyed this time. I took notice of the world and surroundings about me and the people, early morning, headed to work, silent but thinking loudly, and the slow hum of cars driving by. Two minutes that felt like ten passed and we finally walked into the library. The inside was larger than I imagined with a open ceiling and glass half-fenced balconies. Half the class walked into the library together but I tagged along with Eric and Christal, and stuck around with them throughout the library. We went to the computers and searched our books, and then we looked the endless isles of them, and when we did get them we sat down and immersed ourselves in the text and whispering conversations on the intriguing facts that popped up. Not long later we had lunch, where I bonded even more with my classmates. The last event of the day before we left was going to a antique collectable bookstore a few blocks down. I can go on for days about every enchanted detail about the little but fascinating store though to keep it short, it was straight out of a tale where wizards live in halls of books. With that, the library trip of 2015 came to a close, and personally I enjoyed the rewards that I gathered from this trip and found it unusually satisfying, though that’s just me.

There are many goals that I met through this trip, including learning something new and getting books to be more exact, trying to engage with my classmates and bond, and also to notice and observe the environment around me a little more. I would definitely say that I satisfied all of those goals to my content.and I must say, I wouldn’t mind reliving that day even if it meant I’d miss another chemistry test.