Since this year I am studying an influential rock/punk musician who has definitely left his mark on pop music and culture, I decided to interview an expert who has also had experiences with rock music and culture. Terry Fox Secondary School’s Mr. Steve Sainas is the director and teacher of the Terry Fox Rock School, and because of his knowledge and expertise in a field closely related to my Eminent person’s profession and life, I approached him about an interview.

I have not yet heard back yet but here is what I have sent to him, and hopefully this will be more successful then last year

“Dear Mr. Sainas,

My name is Kody Cao, currently in the  TALONS gifted learner classroom at Gleneagle Secondary School in Coquitlam . Every year in the TALONS class, we conduct a project known as Eminent Person Studies. The project consists of studying the life of a person that each student individually can relate to, and also creating a speech presentation as well as a visual display of what we learned through the time.
My chosen person of study is Billie Joe Armstrong, the front-man of the renowned punk rock band, “Green Day”. I find him as quite an influential character of the late 1980’s and 90’s in both the music world as well as in pop culture.
I studied at Kwayhquitlum Middle school before Gleneagle, and I witnessed the Rock the Fox presentation and have admired it to this day. Thus, I can believe that you have quite extensive knowledge in the area of music, and especially rock music. A interview with an expert in a field related to our Eminent person is strongly suggested, therefore, I would like to approach you about an interview session if you are interested on the topic of rock and also punk rock influences.
Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address if you are interested and have a suitable opening in your schedule.
I would like to thank you for your time and I hope we can meet for such a conversation in the near future.
Kody Cao”