I am very proud of myself this year for being able to find and conduct an interview, and being relatively ahead of schedule as well. Now of course looking through of line of actions and the person that I chose to interview, some of you fellow TALONS learners might believe that I am taking an easy road, or not trying hard enough. However, I don’t find that attempting to interview my person, Billie Joe Armstrong, directly, would be very possible in the time I had. I would say the most glorious failures cannot compare to a satisfactory success, especially were the failure wont exactly help me learn anything more in the project. Thus, I choose a local rock music high school teacher, Mr. Steve Sainas of Terry Fox Secondary, to interview.

He responded quite quickly and I was able to confirm an interview with him in less than a week. I conducted the interview and my decision paid off very well, since Mr. Sainas was able to impart some eye-opening knowledge and insights onto me. We had a very nice conversation and in the end I learned a lot more about music culture and influence throughout the ages than I expected. I was able to gain so much more information and knowledge even outside the range of my eminent person, thus I believe that it was a successful meeting.

Here are some of the things that I was able to get out from this interview. An audio file of the recorded interview is present for references, and will be included as well.

A key idea that we referred back to numerous times was the society around artists as they are creating their music. From the discussion I learned that the punk scene and punk culture arose first from the unfavourable acts taken by the governing powers. This then became a theme that was resonant throughout the punk rock and later punk pop eras, and reflected in the music respectively. Green Day very much embraced this tone and expressed such personalities in their music and appearance.

The next topic we talked about was the evolution of rock music, and how it is changing or forced to change due to new demands. From the discussion Mr. Sainas shared his own experience with this topic and stated the reality for musicians nowadays. He stated that music these days has become so routine and bland, and some of the more classic rock music still exist, it’s just a matter of looking in the right places. He also shared stories about his fellow musician friends and their career in the nowadays considered as a more underground scene.

Lastly, an important topic we discussed, that I was also very passionate about, was the message and influence that bands impart on society. We talked in depth about the message that Green Day gave during the album “American Idiot”, and how they had a much more positive audience response. We also talked about how the society influences bands and artists as well as the other way around and how they compliment each other. In addition, we discussed some details about the very unique and distinct image of punk culture, and how that was an important part in music development through the decades.

Part 1: There was a break in between the two parts when Mr. Sainas was asked by a student to assist with recording difficulties.

Part 2: The rest of the interview, where we discussed punk rock and music influence throughout the past few decades.

In conclusion, I was able to learn a considerable amount of knowledge relating in some ways to my person, as well as gaining a perspective on some aspects of music and punk culture that I didn’t really think about. This interview has really helped me make this Eminent project better in a handful of different ways.