7:00 PM-Nov 17th

To my best knowledge, Night of the Notables will be tomorrow night at 7 PM (officially), I have a complete total of 24 hours to prepare. Am I ready? Not one bit is what I would say but I guess I’m doing ok. My speech is slowly coming together at long last, and I have most of my items ready for my learning centre. Some small things here and there and I think I will be all good.

9:00 PM-Nov 17th

I made some last minute items and props for my learning centre, and it looks like at least this part might look decent. At this point I have finished my learning centre and am just prepping my speech and practicing it through. Sadly, I don’t have it memorized but will have to for the performance.

(Photos  were not able to embed, these are the links to the photos)

Costume for NotN

A portion of my Learning Centre, disassembled.

The amp stack I made for my Learning Centre.


11:00 PM-Nov 17th

It’s one hour until 12 midnight and I believe in a handful of scientific researches it is suggested to start the sleeping cycle at around 10:30 at the latest. However, to truly embrace the rebellious character of my eminent person, I shall defy the norms set upon us and instead follow my own choice of actions. Though I will be off soon. Before I let my speech incubate as I sleep, I would just like to state of my Night of the Notable intentions, what I want to get out of the night. Last year’s performances and projects really opened up my eyes for ideas and inspired me to reach for the limit.

12:00 AM-Nov 18th

Still trying to memorize my speech. At this point there’s a lot of adrenaline going through me but also a lot of fatigue. I really feel like my productivity has gone way down. Though, the hype and the anticipation of tomorrow night is almost unbearable, and I believe that I am not the only one who is feeling this way, and all TALONS students did or will have this moment in their unforgettable TALONS journey.

1:00 AM-Nov 18th

Why am I awake at this hour? Oh no big reason, just thinking about Eminent, one of the biggest projects of my grade 10 year, there nothing to worry about.