I found that I tried a lot harder this year to use more resources from a variety of places. Much of my information came from a book surprisingly, and though it was more time consuming, but easier to get facts. In addition I watched a lot more videos, since my person is relatively current, to gain information, especially for my interview. Also, I looked  at quotes and notable statements from the person to help me get into character for the speech.

Billie Joe Armstrong Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Joe_Armstrong

I used this web resource to start my research and gain most of my basic and beginning information to do earlier posts and docs of learning. It was quite helpful though I found for my person being so current, wikipedia does not always have a lot of up to date and relevant information about the person.

Book: https://books.google.ca/books/about/Green_Day.html?id=U4Nok9JKWcYC&redir_esc=y


This book really did help a lot throughout the Eminent project in means of research. A lot of my information for posts came from this book, and many interesting facts that I gave at my learning centre, I learned from this source. I believe this book to be quite reliable and I found it really helpful in my research.

Gilman street: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/924_Gilman_Street

Gilman street was a key part of Green Day’s and Billie Joe Armstrong’s life and career, thus researching it was helpful in getting a complete idea of Billie’s life. This source didn’t give me a whole lot of information that I didn’t already learn from the book I borrowed, though it did help enforce and build off of some points. It was quite helpful though maybe not necessary. However I felt it added to my project.

Green Day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Day

Billie Joe Armstrong’s main career band and the one he has stuck with for over 25 years is definitely a big part of his life, therefore I researched a little into the band to learn about their music. From this source I learned meanings behind their songs, their influences, and also their effect on society. It helped me add on to what I know about the personality of my person and give me a better idea of what I can add to my speech.

Speech Quotes:

I used these links to find quotes that I could use in my speech. In addition, reading through them gave me a better idea of the personality of my person. I found it helpful and definitely would recommend using a source like this to my other fellow TALONS classmates.




Biography and other facts:

These few links were helpful in their own little ways. They help me learn the character of Billie Joe Armstrong, allowing me to have a better presence on the night and being able to fully embrace and become him. I didn’t really rely on these sources as much but just used it to give me little bits of information here and there to better my project.