This was one line that stuck with me the week leading up to the Night of the Notables. I believe it was Mr. Jackson who said this, “When the speeches are done, all of you (grade 10s) will be like, ‘Ahh, that was awesome, I want to do it again.'” or something on that line. Mr. Jackson, you were right, like always. Now I really do feel like doing the project again, studying another person, learning about my strengths and weaknesses along the way and gaining skills in areas outside of just research. In addition, I felt like I met a lot of goals through the project, and also met some goals that I didn’t really know I set, though unintentionally did.

The goals that I set for myself at the very beginning were to be give a good meaningful speech, and also to be engaged and create a more interesting learning centre. In addition I wanted to have better work habits through the course of this project. Surprising I met most of the goals I set. I was able to write and give what I felt to be a very engaging and interesting speech about my person, and I also conquered the little but still potent bit of stage fright that I had. I was confident when I spoke, and from the positive response and feedback, I can humbly say that to be true. As for my learning centre, I believe that I did a good job embodying my character, and also giving interesting and relevant information about my person. Everyone who came to my learning centre seemed very engaged and interested (at least I hope they were). On the night I was also able to meet some goals, or really just achieve some moments where I felt is meaningful. I bonded very well with the entire TALONS class, and also helped out my classmates, and encouraged them during their speeches. I am pretty proud of all the things that I was able to do and achieve on the night.

The night also brought along many memories that I probably cannot forget even if I tried. I, along with the entire grade 10 class can agree that the speeches were something that cannot really be described, but was something that had to be experienced to understand. It was a very exhilarating and magical experience indeed, and there is much else I could say to explain it. This project was a really memorable and exciting, almost official start for my TALONS year, and by completing Eminent, I feel like this year might just go quite well.