During the first two weeks of this project, when I have just begun to gather my bandmates and figure out our roles, I was still slightly doubtful of my choice in this project. “What if I can’t sing?” “What if the band breaks apart 1 month before In-Depth Night?” “Do I have stage fright?” “Was I too ambitious?” With all these questions running wildly in my head, I had genuine thoughts of changing my field of study, though this topic was still something I was very interested in, thus my verdict was to pull through.

I am heavily struck by the fact that it has been three weeks since I have officially started. I must say that fortunately I have been enjoying this project very much so far even though it does have its hitches and bumps. As of now, my newly minted band and I have had three practices together. The roster for us is still changing a little bit, as well as our plans and course of action. However, I discovered that is just one of the many parts to managing a functioning and productive band.

I decided that to begin my study I will read some articles from different authors on how to organize and run a band. I consulted many different sources, such as the Reverb music blog, in addition to many others. From there, I learned skills and guidelines to start my band and keep us all on track. Ideas that arose from my research included sharing equal power among the band, keeping organized by using calendars and groups chats, and also maintaining an encouraging and motivating atmosphere. I have embraced many of these tips already into the 3 band practices we’ve had and by implementing these strategies, and our time have become more productive and amusing. We have already began bounding as a band, which, from what I have read, is a good sign of positive band chemistry, and it will benefit us down the road.

We have not forgotten to learn and practice songs either. At this moment we have one song that is pretty well rehearsed and should be good enough for recording at our next session. The song we decided to learn was one of my personal favorites, ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters. My role in the band is the singer and rhythm guitarist, alongside “coordinator”. Therefore, I took up more of a leadership part and helped organize the different sections for drums, guitar and bass, as well as practiced in separate parts for it was more effective. Another part I played was encouraging my bandmates to practice individually, and also motivating them and giving constructive feedback. I believe this has made the few practices very enjoyable for all of us, and I certainly hope it’ll be this way for the whole way.

As for a mentor, I still have not confirmed definitely on who it might be yet, however I have contacted many experts in this field and received quite a variety of useful resources and pointers for the search. However, I have been able to learn a handful of useful skills in band management, stated above, that are also slightly related to mentoring already from my preliminary research.

So far so good is my thought on this project as I’m writing up this post. I’m personally very excited and motivated for excel and learn the most I can. Even though this project does seem ambitious at times, I believe that the end result will be amazing.