Progress over the last two weeks have been very fair in my eye, and I find that the band together is doing very well in terms of bonding, learning progress, as well recording some content for my final product. I am very proud of the progress we have made collectively, and I personally have also enjoyed the work and band sessions altogether.

This week, we finished off our first song that we learned as a band. As I mentioned in a post prior, the song is “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. The process of learning and mastering this song was quite an adventure from start to finish over the few weeks and the end product is one that I am very satisfied with. We began on week one learning this song, and at that point, we simply delegated the different parts and assigned each specific part to a person. Them I suggested that the parts to be practiced independently so everyone can better familiarize themselves with the parts. Our next two sessions were very similar, in which we practiced the song in whole from start to finish and also in different segments. Since as of now, each band member is at a different mastery of their instruments, so we tried to practice the song at different speeds (tempo) to make the process easier. We had very productive practice sessions over the weeks and by using the different methods we were able to master the song by last week. At that point, we were all enjoying the song while we practiced, which shows our progress.

The unique part of the agenda in this particular session was recording our final product. Throughout that day of practice, we experimented with many different forms and techniques of recording. I learned many of these methods through research and talking to different experts. One of the most common ways to record a band, especially for beginners is full room recording using a condenser microphone. This is the method we adopted and used to record this song. It involves using a condenser mic, which is a type of microphone that can pick up many frequencies and directions of sound at once, which was useful when we have many instruments playing. We did play around with recording each instrument separately (essentially multitracking) and the putting them together in post-production, however that got very messy and complicated very fast, thus we did not use that method. Otherwise, we simply took many attempts recording the entire song, and picked out the best take to use as our final product.

Other progress we have made together as a band is getting more familiar with each other and making our sessions and practices more productive and worthwhile. During each band practice we would often take a little time to socialize and bond, since that makes working with each other more enjoyable and easier. We also try to keep the environment where we work in quite light-hearted and not very pressuring, since as a new band it is important to ease into the routine. During the past few practices we have also improved on our schedule making and planning skills. We have been able to plan our time during sessions very well, such as how much time we’ll take to practice a certain section and when we will have breaks and so on. This also adds to making the time we have together more enjoyable and productive.

In terms of a mentor, I have contacted many experts in this field and they have recommended me to possible mentors, though most of whom are quite busy or have not responded. Mr. Jackson has directed me to a TALONS alumni and I have looked towards him as a mentor. Currently I have not yet heard a reply back from this person. I also have tried branching out my search for a mentor and looked towards different areas and people. I have been able to learn quite a bit from talking to many experts, however it is quite a challenge to find a mentor who I would be able to meet with on a constant basis. I still have been able to learn a lot about my topic through conversing with experts in the field, and even more from blogs and online resources.


*(There is quite a bit of media, photos and a audio recording, that is not yet included since the files sizes are too big. but I will try to include soon.)