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“They Said This Would Be Fun”

16th of July, 1789

Sometimes I wish I was back to being the child of a lawyer in the city. It was a simple noble’s life. There weren’t any taxes to be paid and I didn’t have to eat stale bread everyday. It’s not like I have to pay taxes now or eat stale bread however, with the commotion going around the city, I have begun loose my sense of security being associated with the monarchy.

Less than two days ago, the Bastille in Paris was stormed and overtaken by a company of armed protestors. I cannot yet confirm to any news I have heard, for I judge most are no more than rumours and faulty accounts. Nonetheless, the growing unrest and resentment towards the royals and the nobles has created quite a stir here in Versaille and both my mistress and his majesty under great stress. It is my upmost duty to be of service to her majesty and my mistress, and to be of a companion and advisor in this time of need. Though my worries and discomfort also grows along with Marie, and most everyone can sense a whim of disturbance in the upcoming days.

Being in the upper class does separate me from most of the gruesome and distasteful action in the streets of Paris, which I am awfully glad for, though I have an impression it also puts myself in a lot more danger that I asked for. Being one of the closest people to the queen does put a target on my head for many looking to bring down the monarchy. Hopefully these palace walls will be protection enough. Despite the danger, I do live a rather lavish life.

Otherwise, I must say that the life in Versaille has been rather peaceful. Her majesty is quite a delightful lady and can definitely bring insight to a conversation, however in my most honest opinion I must say she is not the most bright out of all people. In addition, over these past years she has been at the root of many scandals and is often surrounded by controversy. On the other hand she has grown up and matured to be a fitting queen in most cases, though sometimes attending her at her “play farmhouse” does not necessarily display her capabilities to rule.

I cannot say I will leave the house of the royals but I believe that Versaille will not be a safe place to be in the upcoming months.


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