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Eminent 2014

Interview With Scott Patey: Eminent 2014

*Here is my interview with Scott Patey, a comedian here in Vancouver* Original questions: Dear, Mr. Scott Patey. As you may know I am Kody Cao, a TALONS Learner at Gleneagle Secondary School. For one of my projects I am… Continue Reading →

Interview Post: Part 1

In my opinion, the most difficult part of the entire Eminent project might have been the interview, and more so, finding one. Though the time of my eminent project, I searched further from home than closer, and was attempting to… Continue Reading →

Annotated Biblography

Last post of Eminent 2014, how sad. Anyways, here are all my useful links for my study on Rowan Atkinson.   Rowan Atkinson In-depth Interview (Youtube) This was a interview conducted earlier in Rowan’s life about his works in comedy… Continue Reading →

Night of the Notables Assessment

Honestly this post I’m writing at this moment is probably harder than creating and standing at my Learning Center enlightening the world. Though my thoughts on the night itself: speechless (no pun intended). Though in fact, the grade 10 speeches… Continue Reading →

Speech Draft (Document of Learning)

Here’s my draft for the speech. Please leave comments and feedback.   Rowan Atkinson: Speech ā€œI watch the wide projected image, a spotlight that shines onto the grey, worn cobblestone road, which is slightly illuminated by amber streetlamps on either… Continue Reading →

A Trip to SFU

Well look at the date, 21 days later.   During this first field trip of the year, I was told to seek something on this trip, whether it was inspiration, knowledge or experiences. The most straightforward object to look for… Continue Reading →

Meet My Eminent: Rowan Atkinson

When I speak of Rowan Atkinson to many people, they always seem puzzled, confused, saying “Who is that guy?ā€, and I find that interesting for this man might well be one of the most well-known British comedians of all time…. Continue Reading →

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