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Eminent 2015

I Never Knew This Post Existed: Eminent Reflection Post (Post-NotN)

This was one line that stuck with me the week leading up to the Night of the Notables. I believe it was Mr. Jackson who said this, “When the speeches are done, all of you (grade 10s) will be like,… Continue Reading →

Eminent BiBLOGraphy

I found that I tried a lot harder this year to use more resources from a variety of places. Much of my information came from a book surprisingly, and though it was more time consuming, but easier to get facts…. Continue Reading →

Document of Learning: Pre NotN Learning Centre

7:00 PM-Nov 17th To my best knowledge, Night of the Notables will be tomorrow night at 7 PM (officially), I have a complete total of 24 hours to prepare. Am I ready? Not one bit is what I would say… Continue Reading →

Document of Learning: Night of the Notables Speech

It always seem that whenever I try to be remotely productive, I don’t get anywhere. I really wanted to start on writing my speech, like an actual speech, about a month before Night of the Notables. That, however, was indescribably… Continue Reading →

Billie Joe Armstrong: Baby Blue Fernandes (Document of Learning)

“On my own…. here we go.” Rodeo was not a town that anyone might think is in California, maybe more like Texas where cowboys still roam around taming cattle. Though Rodeo California was where Billie Joe Armstrong, later becoming an… Continue Reading →

Interview: Mr. Steve Sainas – Pt 2

I am very proud of myself this year for being able to find and conduct an interview, and being relatively ahead of schedule as well. Now of course looking through of line of actions and the person that I chose… Continue Reading →

A New Year, Not Quite a New Start

“Wake me up, when September ends.” September has ended and Eminent has come in full swing this year, even more then it has previously, like a wrecking ball into a house when there’s still a person left in it. That… Continue Reading →

Interview: Mr. Steve Sainas – Pt. 1

Since this year I am studying an influential rock/punk musician who has definitely left his mark on pop music and culture, I decided to interview an expert who has also had experiences with rock music and culture. Terry Fox Secondary… Continue Reading →

This Time I Decided to Get Books

I would never have thought that I would enjoy going to a library to look at books, however this year’s Eminent study trip was quite exciting and had much more purpose to me then the prior occasion. I decided to… Continue Reading →

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