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In-Depth 2016

I Finally Have a Mentor Now: In-Depth Week 8 (Post #4)

The past few weeks with the band have had both its shares of highs and lows. To start off, I have finally found a mentor as of this week, and I look forward to meeting and working more with him… Continue Reading →

Progress is Progress: In-Depth Week 6 (Post #3)

  Progress over the last two weeks have been very fair in my eye, and I find that the band together is doing very well in terms of bonding, learning progress, as well recording some content for my final product…. Continue Reading →

Practices and Sessions: In-Depth Week 4

During the first two weeks of this project, when I have just begun to gather my bandmates and figure out our roles, I was still slightly doubtful of my choice in this project. “What if I can’t sing?” “What if… Continue Reading →

In-Depth 2016 Introduction Post: I cannot think of a better title

I must confess I did not expect In-Depth to have started so soon this year. It feels quite peculiar how the year is already coming so close to an end. However, that only makes me more excited for this project…. Continue Reading →

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