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Socials 2015

The Historical Life of Mr. Yale – Socials Final (complete)

The Historical Life of a British Columbian HBC Fur Trader: 1800-1900 The season was summer, the first of June during the year of 1867. It was a splendid time when the Act of Confederation was signed into action. It was… Continue Reading →

Social Studies: Final – Historical Life – CUT VERSION

There was a smell of fresh fern and dried tobacco blowing in the cold dusk breeze. Winter supposedly has passed but yet it feels like if the last boney finger of that old bane still covers this bountiful land. It… Continue Reading →

Political Narrative: Document of Learning

The political parties that will be running for this year’s election have many narratives and platforms that they stand for and support. Through the past few weeks we have discussed many of the narratives that the parties that will be in… Continue Reading →

Political Cartoon: History Always Repeats Itself

  The event shown in my comic strip displays the event of the Canadian Government, whether current or past, seizing control over native aboriginal land without recognition for the landholders present. In this cartoon, it is shown of the Canadian… Continue Reading →

It’s These Questions that Keep Me Up at Night (PLO B2)

For the past few days, we have been discussing deeply on the topic of residential schools, treaties, and the interactions between the colonist and the aboriginal groups during the late 1800 to the 1900’s time period. Through that, I had… Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Think Socials Had Midterms

This year has gone past in a blink of an eye, already at the end of the third term with only one more to go. Though, looking back and reflecting, I can see all the progress that I have made… Continue Reading →

Final Address

I wouldn’t have given up on aiming for everything that I set out to achieve, but now it looks like I can do nothing more but to give in. Mistake me not, for I am not disappointed as many men… Continue Reading →

We Can’t All Ride into the Sunset

January 4th, 1842 Once again, I fall back to square one. The odds have never seemed to work in my favor. I was considered an outcast for my political actions in the Province of  Canada, and now the fair and… Continue Reading →

William Lyon Mackenzie, The Infamous Legacy

December 12th, 1835 How dare they kick me from office. I was rightly and fairly elected and won because of my political abilities and yet I am seen as inefficient, and corrupt. Right now, they are doing the same things… Continue Reading →

“Treaties and Negotiations”~Resource, Document of Learning The article that I found the most interesting to learn, and even more fascinating to think about afterwards. The treaties and negotiations set by the British colonies and the aboriginal people of the lands had huge effects on the… Continue Reading →

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