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Socials 2016

“18th Century Sitting in a Shady Countryside Cafe Disguise”

December 3rd, 1793 I am so glad that I have not yet taken thought nor any consideration into returning to the bloodshed streets and atrocity that is Paris. Lately it has seemed next to impossible to walk publicly without loosing… Continue Reading →

“I Just Lost My Job In the Worst Way Possible”

June 22nd, 1791 M. Mousqueton, Such an unfavourable greeting but my dear lord, what an eventful week it has been. Just one day and two night ago his majesty and the queen took part in a perilous journey to escape… Continue Reading →

“They Said This Would Be Fun”

16th of July, 1789 Sometimes I wish I was back to being the child of a lawyer in the city. It was a simple noble’s life. There weren’t any taxes to be paid and I didn’t have to eat stale… Continue Reading →

Dank Memes Everywhere I Go

Memes. This is how my generation will go down in the history books. We will be recognized as the generation of the memes, where memes have become a central method of communicating new ideas and connecting with each other. It… Continue Reading →

Here I Go Again – Document of Learning #1

Personal Narrative This new year of socials has already brought up some very interesting topics that have been keeping me up at night, other than the fact I read Pride and Prejudice twenty minutes before I hit the hay. So far… Continue Reading →

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